ZEN jibun sodate English version

#e01 The ZEN Jibun Sodate has begun.

This is ELTON YASOKAWA from the ZEN Jibun Sodate.

I am Japanese and can only speak English to the extent that I have no trouble traveling. Therefore, my writing may be poor and difficult to understand. Please forgive me.
Please let me know if there is anything I should fix.

Now, the purpose of this ZEN Jibun Sodate,
literally focus on “self-nurturing.”

I know, “self-nurturing” sounds a bit like self-help books,
but I’m not Steaven R Covey and and I don’t want to talk about it from a superior perspective.
What I mean by “self-nurturing” has an aspect of “adapting to the environment.
I don’t know what kind of people this will help.

However, at this stage, I would like to tell you what kind of people I would like to see in this project.

Target Demographic

  1. Those who want to do something to prepare for their second life.
  2. Those who want to establish their hobbies as semi-professional or professional.
  3. Those who are currently students, but who say they are not suited for a corporate job.
  4. Those who are already active in some kind of activity but want to have friends who can inspire each other.

I hope that people like this will take a look at my website.

I am not sure what kind of activity it will be,
but this activity itself is also a “ZEN Jibun Sodate” for me.
I hope it will be a hint for you,
I hope it will be a win-win activity.

Why did I come to this kind of activity?

It is because I have spent most of my life doing “what I love” as my job.
And I am still working as an online store owner, a writer, and a newspaper reporter.
But I am not sure if these forms of work will exist in a few years, because some of the jobs that were booming around the year 2000 are likely to disappear by the year 2030.

What I can see from this is that no job is stable.

I know this from fishing,
No matter how great the point or how great the technique, one day it will no longer work.
The environment and the wisdom of fish change.

As I work and adapt to changes in society in this way, I have learned that “adapting to the environment” is something I must always continue to do.

In other words, this adaptation to the environment is called “Jibun Sodate.
There is a Zen aspect to jibun sodate.
I think it is important to be aware of the world, because sometimes you have to look at the world from a bird’s eye view, look at yourself from a bird’s eye view, and make a decision.

That is why I wrote down the meaning of the word “ZEN Jibun Sodate”.
In the next issue, I would like to talk about the essence of ZEN Jibun Sodate. Thank you very much in advance.